Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Counting chains

We sit in darkened rooms, empty voids
Counting the chains wrapped round our bodies
The curtain on the window is nailed to the wall
Blocking the world and light from within
We never lift up our eyes from the ground
To see life swiftly passing us by
But continue to sit in the dark and play with our chains
Never wondering what may lie beyond

Friday, July 3, 2009

hanging on thoughts

I watched as the sun rose from behind the mountains and thought what a long day it will be.

While running from job to job my mind could only focus on the pain in my back and the frustration of the morning.

People's voices raised with anger filled every void within my mind and all I could worry about was their continuous needs.

The car rattled and shook as I drove up the street and as the afternoon beat down upon me i wished for something that would cool my tired being.

I never once looked for pleasure, nothing to ease my soul.

I laid in the water and looked up at the sky, looking upon the majestic clouds in white.

The wind blew them into figures across the canvas while the setting sun gave them color.

Life entails suffering but with each breath there is more to live.