Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ticking future

The clock never stops ticking
time cannot be stopped
It takes away joyous festivities
and nights of drawn out tears
With each hands movement it erases the last seconds event
Wasted years of thinking
the clock continued to move
Periods pass by, memories lost
A dream, a passion, came and left
As we sit here thinking
Worrying life away

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Counting chains

We sit in darkened rooms, empty voids
Counting the chains wrapped round our bodies
The curtain on the window is nailed to the wall
Blocking the world and light from within
We never lift up our eyes from the ground
To see life swiftly passing us by
But continue to sit in the dark and play with our chains
Never wondering what may lie beyond

Friday, July 3, 2009

hanging on thoughts

I watched as the sun rose from behind the mountains and thought what a long day it will be.

While running from job to job my mind could only focus on the pain in my back and the frustration of the morning.

People's voices raised with anger filled every void within my mind and all I could worry about was their continuous needs.

The car rattled and shook as I drove up the street and as the afternoon beat down upon me i wished for something that would cool my tired being.

I never once looked for pleasure, nothing to ease my soul.

I laid in the water and looked up at the sky, looking upon the majestic clouds in white.

The wind blew them into figures across the canvas while the setting sun gave them color.

Life entails suffering but with each breath there is more to live.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Moonlight casts shadows upon the sidewalks keep
As I walk along the street dimly lit
Houses illuminate a haze of comfort and warmth
My breath cuts through the frost air thick
The tree branches rattle and sway high above
While the stars fight to shine through the growing mist
A heavy burden within my heart weighs within
Making footprints in the softened ground amidst
Water fills imprints left behind to the brim
Leaving a scarce trace of my trodden path
All that was emotion, fervor, and whole
No longer holds place in this memories lapse

Sunday, January 25, 2009

city on the bay...

Atop a clay roof, wind wrapping round,
Spinning through the heavens the air whirls and bounds.
The sunlight escapes behind the cities edge,
Her last beams grabbing and my finger tips.
Trees cast blackened shadows on the ground,
While the smell of daisy's fill the corner stand.
Every inch of my being attempts to flee from hurt,
Searching for a way to escape the gray.
Collapsing into a bed of grass I soak in peace,
Feeling it all around, breathing in new life.
The sky turns dark and with it my light,
Diminishing with the sun until morning sent.

Just Breathe

Cold water surrounds me now,
Alone in a sea of darkness I float,
Only to remember the feeling of your hand,
In mine I am now without.
Lord can you hear me,
Can you feel my pain now,
Loud as the crashing waves on the sand,
Or am I alone, no longer in reach of sight and sound.
Why did you try to feel my sorrow,
With the feelings you borrow in deceit,
Singing alleluia, harmony intertwined,
But it held nothing in your soul, it was a masked lie.
It washes in on top of me,
I find myself exposed trying to search out,
A familiar voice to comfort and give hope,
To a battered heart slowly beating out.

to rise when we fall

Rain trickles down the glassy window pane,
Reflecting in her eyes like deep pools round,
Atop a bench she sits hand pressed against the cold,
Looking upon the flooded ashen world about.

Candlelight bounces off the table and walls,
As muffled voices crept up the stairs from below,
She longed to travel to the days of sunlight and warmth,
Never to return to the dark and dismal crowed in her home.

With trembling hand she gently brushes her wet cheek,
The other resting on a shawl furrowed ebony,
From the pocket of her smokey satin gown she reveals,
A delicate handkerchief embroidered E.F. in gold.

She traces the initials with pale fingers thin,
Her eyes gazing into moments only days past,
A rap at the door raises her weary head to a voice,
The time to end this eternal day has come at last.

A mobbing sea of black rush to meet,
The fragile woman who from the stairs descent,
She concludes the evening with smile enameled upon,
Until last griever has left in peace.

Handkerchief in hand she sits by the window pane,
With rain subsided a ray of light peers onto the tattered clothe,
Her once cloudy eyes now fill with a burning light,
No longer alone, but spiritually set free.